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With experience in every aspect of the Caribbean charter yacht market, who is better to represent theses specially cared for yachts when it is time to sell than CCY. Our agents know each of these yachts from stem to stern, as well as the crews that make each business unique and successful. We sit down with each new perspective buyer and discuss the financials and intrinsics of purchasing a charter yacht. Our charter yachts for sale are handled confidentially so as not to disrupt the current charter season. If you have interest in purchasing or selling a charter yacht, please contact us today.

What is our specific role to the yacht buyer?
Pre-owned yachts are typically a ”central agency listing”. The owner/seller selects a broker to list the yacht and that broker is likely to know that particular yacht inside and out as well as the history of the yacht. All inquiries regarding that yacht will flow through the listing broker. A buyer that chooses a buyer’s agent gets two brokers instead of one, and since the commission is paid by the seller, it will not affect the pricing of the yacht. We work for you exclusively. We will search far and wide through a network of broker only databases to provide our clients with the most robust selection of choices possible.

What determines a yacht’s asking price?
As yacht brokers, we have access to sold yacht databases that are not available to the public. We will run these ”comps” and then assess the condition of the particular yacht being listed, taking into consideration all of the related equipment, the vessels history, as well as analyze the business if the yacht that is being sold is a charter yacht. Based on these criteria, we will come to a fair market value of the yacht and offer the seller a range of listing prices which will eventually be determined by how anxious the seller is to sell.

How to make an offer on a yacht.
We help our buyers decide on a realistic figure to present which will increase the chances of buying the yacht for a fair price. Once this is done, we will prepare a ‘Letter of Intent’ ready for the buyer to sign. This document will display the terms of the sale including the obligations that our client and the seller have agreed to, and when these obligations will be fulfilled. The buyer should then make a good faith deposit on the yacht, placed in escrow, and subject to sea trial and survey.

What is a Sea Trial and Survey?
We recommend every buyer of a pre-owned yacht should request a sea trial and the services of a marine surveyor. Buyers pay for the hauling of the yacht out of the water for inspection. We will attend the sea trial and survey with our buyer to help determine and properly address any yacht survey issues and put the problems in context. Part of this includes estimating the time and cost of rectifying any issues. Insurance companies and banks will typically require copy of the survey.

What is involved in the administration of selling a yacht?
There is a fair amount of documentation through the entire process of the listing and selling of a yacht. We are familiar with all of paperwork from the Initial Offer, to the Purchase Agreement, and Bill of Sale. We know the procedures for licensing and registration, paying tax, creating certificates of ownership, and security agreements. We also understand maritime and admiralty laws for the type of yacht we represent, as well as agency contracts, listing agreements, closing statements, deposit requirements and escrowed accounts to safeguard funds. Sounds like a lot? No problem. Our specialists have a passion for what they do.

How are yachts marketed and advertised?
We custom design a plan of how a yacht is to be advertised in the most appropriate media. Our objective is to devise a strategy with the best chances of reaching the most qualified audience for each yacht category. Common methods are e-marketing, online listing access for public viewing, yacht shows, and print media. We have an extensive in-house database that is growing by the day!

How about after the sale?
Once a yacht is purchased/sold, we help our clients through the next stages of owners such as finding a berth, yacht insurance, maintenance, repair specialists, seamanship, etc. Our real advantage shines when our clients wish to place the yachts into crewed chartered service. We do everything from sourcing yacht crew, to budget planning, to full charter management. Contact us for an in depth discussion about how this new yacht can pay for itself (and you)!

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