Understanding Crewed Yacht Charter Costs

As you look at the yachts in the fleet they may be priced as either ‘’All Inclusive’’ or ‘’Plus Expenses”. Our charter concierges are the best resource to discuss this with you but here are a few general rules…

All Inclusive:

‘All Inclusive’ means the charter rate includes the use of the yacht, the crew (a Captain and at least one crew member), and all of the running expenses of the yacht, including use of all the water toys as well as food and beverage. The food and beverage will be determined through the submittal of your guest preference sheet. Most yachts will have a standard ’ship’s bar’ that will include premium spirits, but ultra premium spirits and select wines may be available but at an additional cost. This will all be discussed during your call with the crew to review your guest preference sheet.

What isn’t included?

Pretty much everything consumed on board…food, drinks and fuel…are included. Each yacht may have a different list of exclusion and our charter concierges have all of that information at their fingertips. Common items nots included would be satellite phone usage, shore excursions, diving or fishing off the yacht, taxi/rental car, marina dockage, meals ashore and crew gratuities.

Plus Expenses:

For this type of pricing, the basic charter fee covers the yacht (equipment and amenities), its crew (plus their meals), and insurance coverage for the aforementioned. Additional costs will include the running expenses for the yacht during the charter which will include fuel (for the yacht, generators, tenders, water toys), dockage, port fees, and all other consumables like food and drinks. These are all considered charter expenses. These other costs incurred are charged “at cost” with no markups. This provides fair pricing for all clients. A charter where the charterer wishes to cover large distances and wants to consume the very finest wines will obviously incur higher expense costs than a charterer who travels short distances and has more modest tastes in food and wine. It is hard to predict such expenses in advance so this system has proven very popular for the majority of the larger yachts. The charterers themselves control the costs, and the captain updates them as frequently as desired during the charter. A typical rule of thumb is to add approximately 25% of the charter fee. Our charter concierges will explain all of this in great detail and it will be equally as clear on the charter contract.

Crew Gratuities

The crew is the component that makes the difference between a great and an amazing experience. They all work very hard, or they wouldn’t be employed in their respective positions. Their annual compensation, like other service industries, is largely derived from their gratuities received. Tips are, of course, always at the guest’s discretion but typically gratuities are 15%-20% of the charter fee. Cash is preferred, but most crews will have the ability to accept credit cards and travelers checks.Some planning ahead here is always advised as ATM’s aren’t readily available on most of the islands visited.

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